Keynote Speakers for 2014 PGRSA Annual Conference Announced

The Plant Growth Regulation Society of America (PGRSA) has announced the keynote speakers for its 2014 PGRSA Annual Conference. The event is open to students, teachers, scientists, researchers, growers and crop consultants interested in developing better, more efficient and environmentally sound plant growth regulators. The Annual Conference consists of keynote presentations, as well as a diverse selection of oral and poster presentations from leading plant growth regulation researchers in the applied, basic and commercial fields.

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Dr. Jerry Cohen Wins Lifelong Achievement Award

Dr. Peter Petracek (Valent Biosciences) presented the Valent BioSciences Historical Perspectives Award to Dr. Jerry Cohen (University of Minnesota) for his contributions to the field of plant growth regulation. Dr. Cohen presented the award-winning lecture entitled "Auxin History: From Coleoptiles, Arabidopsis, and Strawberries, the Regulatory Signal for Plant Growth" to participants at the PGRSA Annual Conference.

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