New Biostimulant Reduces Sun Stress

Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc. has released Haven Anti-transpirant for use on fruit, nut and vegetable crops, including corn, wheat and turf. The compound is designed to reduce excessive transpiration from plant leaves caused by excessive sunlight or drought. Haven reflects light and heat, allowing the plant to stay cool, thus reducing excessive transpiration that can stress the crop. Haven does not leave a visible deposit or residue on the crop.

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Presentation Examines Apple Orchard Management with PGRs

Duane W. Greene, University of Massachusetts, has released a presentation entitled, “Apple Growth Management with Plant Growth Regulators.” The presentation provides insights concerning his review of use prohexadione-calcium (Pro-Ca) as a vegetative inhibitor, including application best practices and fruit set results.

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Plant Growth Regulators and Clonal Propagation of Lachenalia Montana

A recent research paper entitled, “Regulating the regulators: responses of four plant growth regulators during clonal propagation of Lachenalia montana” evaluates the effects of an auxin and three cytokinin type plant growth regulators — at three different concentrations – on the clonal regeneration of the Lachenalia genus, which is known for its horticultural and ornamental value.

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