Plant Genetics May Play Larger Role in Growth Than Previously Assumed

New research from Dr. Nick Pullen and his team indicates that a plant’s genetics may be the “real limiting factor” in growth. While previous research has assumed that plant growth was limited by nutrition, water and sunlight, Dr. Pullen’s research shows that genetic regulation and cell division play a larger role in growth than expected. Read "Genetics May Lie at the Heart of Crop Yield Limitation."
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China’s Purchase of Sygenta Approved by U.S. and EU

Regulators in both the U.S. and European Union have tentatively approved the purchase of Swiss-owned Syngenta AG by a Chinese conglomerate if it “sells some businesses to satisfy anti-monopoly objections.” According to a report by CNBC, ChemChina and Syngenta have “agreed to sell businesses that make an herbicide, a pesticide and a fungicide for which …their combined large market shares would cause ‘significant competitive harm.’”

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Zion Research Predicts Global Plant Growth Regulation Market of $6.4 Bn by 2020

A new report by Zion Research predicts the plant growth regulator market, which was valued at $3.5 Bn in 2014, will grow 8.2 percent to $6.4 Bn in 2020. Zion reports that the use of cotton in the textile industry, the strong demand for protein synthesis in plants and herbal plant production will drive the auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin segments respectively. The report predicts that the Asia Pacific region will experience significant growth during this time period, as will North America.

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