The membership of the Plant Growth Regulation Society (PGRSA) includes a mixture of basic and applied scientists, natural product and new product chemists, molecular geneticists and field researchers, marketing specialists, research and development and regulatory personnel, enzymologists, and whole plant physiologists from around the world. The PGRSA strives to build relationships between university, industry, and government with a common goal of regulating plant growth and development to improve crop yield and quality in a safe, environmentally sound, and efficient manner. Membership is open to all who are interested in the concept and practice of plant growth regulation and other related scientific disciplines.

When registering, be certain to complete both pages of the application.


PGRSA Individual Membership

Individual membership dues support the basic membership services provided by the Plant Growth Regulation Society of America (PGRSA).

Individual members are afforded the following services and privileges.


PGRSA Sustaining Membership

Corporations, organizations and individuals are invited to become Sustaining Members of the Plant Growth Regulation Society of America (PGRSA). Sustaining membership dues support the basic PGRSA membership services and contribute to the overall operation of the society.

Sustaining members are afforded all of the services and privileges provided to individual PGRSA members, plus the following:

  • Provided with pre-conference publicity, including a listing in the PGRSA Annual Conference program and a table-top display area at the conference.
  • Issued an invitation to the Sustaining Members Breakfast with the PGRSA Steering Committee at the PGRSA Annual Conference. You will be invited to provide input concerning the goals and direction of the PGRSA at this time.
  • Obtain priority to speak during the Industry Update Session of the PGRSA Annual Conference.
  • Listed in the proceedings of the PGRSA Annual Conference.
  • Provided with an online listing, complete with logo and a link to your website, on the PGRSA website.
  • Two (2) discounted annual conference registrations for employees.

For further information about Sustaining Membership, please contact Sonja Maki, Executive Secretary, PGRSA Steering Committee.

Sustaining Members